About Ann


I coach soulful women. Thoughtful, passionate women who seek a deeper connection to their lives.

Through listening to their stories and reflecting on my own, I’ve noticed something incredibly important:

When it comes to creating positive change in our lives, there is a void of brightly lit, life-affirming paths that show the way. Instead, what has filled this space are conditioned habits of self-blame and harsh measuring sticks – habits that block the connection to our vital energy and happiness.

This has to end.

I believe there is another way. I believe radically changing the conversations we have with ourselves can enrich our lives and lead to real growth.

This is why I created The Intention Program. I wanted to craft a framework that allows us to experience expansiveness, positivity, and self-kindness as we learn and grow. Think of The Intention Program as a brightly lit path, inviting you toward this calm center from which to live.

I am deeply committed to helping women grow and share their voices with the world. I am a dedicated practitioner of “where intention goes, energy flows.” I’d like to share it with you.