Ann Drew Yu
“My philosophy on life is simple: where our intention goes, energy flows. This philosophy inspired me to create The Intention Box. I want to help women and girls (including myself) to take action on our goals and dreams. I’m eager to share The Intention Box approach with you.” Ann
Ann Drew Yu is a speaker, educator, and consultant who helps women and girls make positive changes in their lives. She’s the founder of Good Intentions, a lifestyle company she started in 2004. Ann received her Masters Degree in Literature from Middlebury College and was an English teacher for ten years before starting Good Intentions. Her experience as a parent and educator brings an abundance of insight into the emotional and spiritual needs of today’s teens and tweens. In addition to The Intention Box, Ann’s services include inspirational workshops, guest speaking, and House + Lifestyle consultations. Ann has helped hundreds of women and girls in the Twin Cities area step toward their goals and dreams. She lives near Minneapolis with her husband, two sons, and dog Atlas.
Graphic design + Illustration by Nancy Hope

The Intention Box
The Intention Box