My Intentional Home, part 1 :: The Closet

IMG_3406My family is going through a major transition; in August, our older son left for college. I’m thrilled for him as he starts a new chapter of his life.

After careful thought, I’ve decided I’m thrilled for me, too. Yes, I miss him and have cried about it. Yes, the house feels icky-quiet sometimes. But he is off doing what he’s supposed to be doing, and he’s happy. So why not embrace the change this is bringing for all of us? It sure beats the alternative.

Therefore, with optimistic resolve, I have set my intention to move through this “half-empty nest” transition with acceptance, positivity, and even excitement. To guide me, I am instinctively drawing upon my Feng Shui expertise. (I can’t help myself. It’s how I view the world).

Here are highlights of my first project.

Project 1: My closet.

My intention: To refresh my personal chi by breathing fresh energy into my wardrobe.

Project length: One intense week. (Half the family was out-of-town, so I seized the opportunity for a bigger project).

Unexpected delights: With the clutter gone, I can see new combinations of clothes. Hey, this is fun! Also, I discovered jewelry I’d forgotten about, particularly some special things I inherited from my mother-in-law. Very nice.

Challenges: Staying motivated until the very end. A few bits are still lingering: taking a skirt to the tailor (I’ve been driving around with it in the car for weeks now) and polishing my tarnished silver jewelry. In the scheme of things, though, this is small potatoes compared to how much ground I covered.

Happy outcomes: I’m reacquainted with what I own, my closet looks pretty and inviting, and the clothes I kept make me feel good. Chi lifted…check.

Tip: If it doesn’t make you feel good, get rid of it.

Photo highlights:

I like organizing my clothes by color and using identical wood hangers. It makes deciding what to wear a pleasant experience.
I bought this bracelet stand at Target. I love it. Although it’s currently out-of-stock, I think they’re getting more.

Eek – loads of jewelry to polish….
Hmm. Maybe this weekend, I’ll put on a podcast of “On Being with Krista Tippett” and polish away. That flips it from tedious to kinda fun.

‘Til next installment of The Half-Empty Nest. 😉

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